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  • If you are looking for making commercial Welding Machines or want to make a quality Welding Machine for your personal use; you are at the right website. We at welding science our in the field of manufacturing Welding Machines for good number of years.
  • Over the years I have designed many types of machine for various welding applications. On my site here I give complete technical details to manufacture different types of Welding Machines.
  • The details includes transformer lamination (steel sheet), winding turn data, control circuits schemetic, testing, troubleshooting etc. All design details are of machines which were designed by me and have been manufacturered for many years for commercial use.
  • I have not yet added Inverter based welding systems on my site; which I intend doing sometime later. However, if you need any information on inverter based machines; you can send me a mail and I will try and answer your queries.
  • Machines like Seam welder or Butt welder, Drawn Arc Stud Weder and many other types of special application welding systems are also not yet been covered on my site. You can get in touch with me if you need any design details on such machines.
  • I am offering all the data at a very low price so that more people can take the benefit of my experience in the field. While you can download the ebooks for personal use or use the data to commercially produce welding machine; but I do not give you the right to resell the ebooks that you download.