Do it yourself (DIY) – Arc Welding Machine

An Arc Welding machine is generally nothing but a stepdown transformer. To get exact welding energy output for a 
particular welding job different means and technics are used. These techniques are: 


                      1.   Few winding taps on the primary winding of the transformer.
                      2.   An Inductor connected to secondary winding having various taps.
                      3.   An moving shunt inside the lamination core structure.
                      4.   Phase Angle control circuit on the primary winding side.

My ebook gives you complete details of making a welding machine with Phase Angle control circuit.

The block diagram is as under :

arc welding machine

This ebook comes at a very low cost, $15 only, and can be used for commercial production of welding machines.
However, i do not give you the right to resell this ebook.

What you get :

a)   Complete details of transformer lamination, winding data, energy control circuit and PCB layout.

b)   Transformer & winding details for 150 amps, 250 amps and 400 amps output machines.

c)    Full support; you can email me as many times as you like on any queries related to the ebook downloaded.

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