Do it yourself (DIY) – Mesh Welder

Thin Mesh Spot Seam and Pulse Welding Machine.

Welding thin sheet of steel is very difficult job; we often burn holes into it.  It is more difficult to weld thin wire mesh.

The design of the machine discussed in the paper does the job of welding thin wire mesh beautifully.

           Not only wire mesh; you could even weld thin MS or SS sheet of 36 to 30 gauge.

This design of machine allows you to Spot Weld, Seam weld and Pulse weld Thin Wire Mesh and thin steel sheets.

             This ebook comes at a very low cost, $30 only, and can be used for commercial production of
          welding machines. However, i do not give you the right to resell this ebook.

 What you get

a)   Complete design details with control circuit details, PCB layout and component details.

b)   Transformer lamination and winding details.

c)   Full support, you can contact me through mail as many times as you like to get your queries answered.

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