Do it yourself (DIY) – MIG Welding Machine

MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas Welding. This another form of Arc Welding which is mainly meant for high production jobs.

The block diagram of the MIG Welding machine is here under:


MIG Wirefeeder Control Card


1.  2T/4T option.

2.  Adjustable(20 to 700 ms) Pre-flow of gas and delayed start of motor & welding.

3.  Electronic Soft-Brake to spot motor almost immediately on switch Off.

4.  Adjustable (20 to 700 ms) Free flow of gas and welding (if required) after switch Off.

5.  Spot Timer for tagging.

          6.  Efficient DC Drive offering high torque even at low RPM

7.  Very compact small card, easy to built and very low cost. 

3 Phase control card (WEC)


1. Simple and easy to built. Low cost.

2. Single Phasing protection.

3. Thermal protection for all important components like diode bridge; transformer and power devices.

4. Can be used with power devices to take loads up to 250 amps per line.

5. Apart from welding application, the circuit can be used for applications to control resistive or inductive loads.


This ebook comes at a very low cost, $39 only, and can be used for commercial production of
welding machines.  
However, I do not give you the right to resell this ebook..

What you get

a) Complete details of transformer lamination, winding data, energy control circuit and PCB layout.

b) Transformer & winding details for 250 amps output machines.

c) Full support; you can email me as many times as you like on any queries related to the ebook downloaded.

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