Do it yourself (DIY) – Spot Welding Machine

Spot welding systems available today in the market are based on the following designs:

1.  Transformer based with Single Phase or 2 Phase (2 lines of 3 phase) input.

2.  Transformer based rectifier with 3 phase input.

3.  Capacitor Discharge system

4.  Mid-Frequency Inverter based.

Block Diagram :



I am giving you design for the first type with the control circuit and transformer data.
If you need data for the
other types, please write to me with specific need and I will give you the design details.

This ebook comes at a very low cost, $30 only, and can be used for commercial production of welding
However, i do not give you the right to resell this ebook

 What you get

a)  Complete design details with control circuit details, PCB layout and component details.

b)  Transformer lamination and winding details for 10, 20, 30 KVA machines.

c)  Full support, you can contact me through mail as many times as you like to get your queries answered.

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