Do it yourself (DIY) – Welding Rectifier

Welding retctifiers, with 3 phase input, around the world are basically made of the following three types:

Welding Rectifier

You can also make a Single Phase input Welding Rectifier. Please check my ‘Arc Welding Machine’ page.The
block diagram shown there needs a diode bridge, 
capacitor and inductor to be added at the output as shown below:


My ebook discusses the first type with primary control of a 3 phase input transformer. They are cheap to make and
require a less complicated control circuit as against the other two types. 

  3 Phase control card (WEC)


   1. Simple and easy to built. Low cost.

   2. Single Phasing protection.

   3. Thermal protection for all important components like diode bridge; transformer and power devices.

   4. Can be used with power devices to take loads up to 250 amps per line.

   5. Apart from welding application, the circuit can be used for applications to control resistive or inductive loads.

This e-book comes at a low cost of $30 only and can be used for commercial production of welding machines. However, i do not give you the right to resell this ebook.…..

 What you get

a)  Complete design details with control circuit details, PCB layout and component details.

b)  Transformer lamination and winding details for 10, 20, 30 KVA machines.

c)  Full support, you can contact me through mail as many times as you like to get your queries answered.

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